NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics to Fire Kemba Walker Soon?


Kemba Walker has entered the NBA bubble with the Boston Celtics team but things are not right at all. The 6-foot guard is bugged with a serious knee injury and has still not attended a single practice session with the Celtics squad. While reports say that Walker was seriously injured even before the NBA games were suspended in March, the All-Star guard has still not fully recovered.

Brad Stevens, the head coach of Boston Celtics have also accepted that Kemba Walker is not in a perfect playing condition but tried to cover by calling it a small discomfort. But given the high valued contract, the Celtics would most likely fire Kemba Walker soon as he has nothing to offer in this NBA Season.

Boston Celtics have a Bad History with Injured Players

Boston Celtics should not stay positive on Kemba Walker’s return to the team as they have a very bad history with the injured players. Kyrie Irving in 2018 and Kevin Garnett in 2009 have cost Boston championship during those seasons as both the players had a serious knee injury during that time.

Most of the players are not able to give their 100 percent in the court due to injuries and sometimes playing in that condition could make it worse for the individual as the injury can open up. The Celtics would be better off without Kemba Walker rather than dragging an injured star who cost them the NBA title.

Kemba Walker Contract is Too Expensive to Afford

Kemba Walker has signed a 4-year, $141 million max-contract with the Celtics in the past off-season. Boston would try its best to get back such an expensive player but they should take care until Walker has fully recovered from his knee injury. The Celtics have a 43-21 record in the NBA East and are only behind Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors.

Kemba Walker has been scoring 21.2 points per game for the Celtics and it would be tough for the team to play without him. But they will have to adapt and adjust as they already have Jayson Tatum as their highest scorer. The Celtics need to fire away Kemba Walker or put him on the injured list to avoid any major loss in the NBA restart.

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