NBA Rumors: Bradley Beal Trade Deal with Miami Heat Confirmed via Twitter?

Bradley Beal Trade Deal with Miami Heat Confirmed via Twitter

Bradley Beal may have signed an extension contract with the Washington Wizards but it doesn’t mean that he can’t sign a new deal with some other NBA team. The extension with Wizards is barely a media and PR move as Beal will be free to change teams within a few months.

One of the NBA teams that are very much interested in Bradley Beal is none other than Miami Heat. Ever since they acquired Jimmy Butler, the Heat side are looking for other star players to form a super team. The recent twitter activity of Beal has further made it evident that a new deal with the Miami Heat is almost confirmed.

Bradley Beal and Miami Heat Connection

Bradley Beal and Miami Heat Connection

Bradley Beal is always linked with the Miami Heat as he played college basketball from Florida state and he will love to get back on the beachside. Miami has a lot of Beal fans and even the superstar has expressed his interest in playing for the Miami team one day.

A fan recently posted on Twitter that he can’t wait for Beal to empty buckets in Miami and Beal liked the tweet. It is not just about Bradley Beal as even Jimmy Butler follows him on Instagram. The Heat star was given the task of talking to Beal and convince him for joining their team.

Bradley Beal Wizards Extension can be Broken

Bradley Beal Wizards Extension can be Broken

Washington Wizards may have been holding Bradley Beal via a contract but the star is slowly getting desperate to get out. The contract extension was just a step to have financial security and it doesn’t mean that he will be playing for two more years in the same team. The Wizards are nowhere close to an NBA title and the injury of John Wall will make it even more difficult.

Beal has expressed several times that he wants to win the NBA finals trophy and that can’t happen with the Washington team. Boston Celtics and Miami Heat are ready to make some big changes for the NBA 2019-20 season and Beal could be the leading man for any of the teams.

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