NBA Rumors: CJ McCollum and Ben Simmons swap between Blazers and Sixers


This season, Philadelphia 76ers are the favorites to win the title on papers. With players like Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris, there may not be any team in the East which can beat them.

Despite having all the talent, they are unable to stand on their fan’s expectation. Embiid’s  durability and Simmons’s shooting remains the main cause of concern for the team.

In the recent games, it was felt by all the experts that there is something we need to change.

On the other hand, the Portland Trail Blazers made their final appearance back in 2019 with an under .500 performance. The blazers dealt with various injuries during the whole season. But even when there key players played games for them, they did not look in touch.

The duo of Dame and CJ is talented, but over the year their tactics become outdated.

Both teams need to make some changes if they want to improve their performance in the upcoming events.

It was also claimed in a recent article that both teams are aiding each other with a star-for-star blockbuster swap. Buckley wrote

“In Portland, Simmons could help lizard in myriad ways. The two would work magic together in transition. Simmons could silence the opposition’s top scorer while keeping the offense humming without Lillard.

The move can turn into huge risk for both the sides. But when there is huge risk involved  the return can also be bigger.

Even with all the uncertainty, the next few weeks are very crucial for both the teams and determining the temperament of the players.

The two can work wonders for their respective sides or can disappoint their owners.

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