NBA Rumors: Lakers want Andre Iguodala but the Grizzlies are too Stubborn

NBA Rumors Lakers want Andre Iguodala but the Grizzlies are too Stubborn

Andre Iguodala was not present in the Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors game this Tuesday and it indicates that will soon leave the team. It was common knowledge that Iguodala was nothing but a trade asset for the Grizzlies and he has been offered to workout in private so that he can be ready whenever other NBA teams call him.

The Los Angeles Lakers are in talks to make a deal for Andre Iguodala and would like that the Grizzlies buyout his contract so that they can make an offer for the 2015 NBA finals MVP. But NBA experts know very well that the Grizzlies are too stubborn for that and would only give away Iguodala in a trade deal.

Grizzlies Wants to Trade Out Andre Iguodala

Grizzlies Wants to Trade Out Andre Iguodala

Memphis Grizzlies acquired Andre Iguodala from the Golden State Warriors in the last NBA free agency when in a three-way deal which included Kevin Durant and D’Angelo Russell. The Grizzlies are at 7-16 record and a rebuilding process, keeping Iguodala in the roster makes no sense for them.

Andre Iguodala is nothing more than a trade chip and they will cash him very soon in their own terms. Even Iguodala himself confirmed that he is in good terms with the Memphis team and a buyout will make sense in a financial way. There is no way you get the money thrown on the table back in NBA, said Iguodala on his buy out deal with Grizzlies.

Lakers would Love a Buyout

Lakers would Love a Buyout

Andre Iguodala is currently in the last season of his three years, $48 million contract and his base cap hit salary will be $17.2 million for the NBA 2019-20 season. It is why the Lakers who have already spent $11.5 million over their salary cap limit would prefer that the Grizzlies buy him out and then make a deal with them.

If that doesn’t happen, LA Lakers would have to offer draft picks and assets to match his salary, which they honestly don’t want at this point. The Lakers are 21-3 in the ongoing NBA season and having someone like Andre Iguodala will take a huge load off from the shoulders of LeBron James.

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