NBA Schedule 2019: LA Lakers given special TV broadcast priority

Los Angeles Lakers given TV broadcast priority on NBA schedule

NBA regular season is still a long way to go but the Lakers already have something to drool over. NBA released the 2019 regular season schedule on Monday which gives Los Angeles Lakers fans reasons for happiness.

Los Angeles Lakers get favorable schedule

The Los Angeles Lakers have 2 things going their way in this NBA schedule. Firstly they will have more limelight than anyone else in NBA Schedule 2019. That’s because the Lakers will play an astounding 31 games in front of national television. While ESPN will broadcast 14 of the games, TNT will televise 12.

Secondly NBA have reduced the number of Lakers 10:30 PM ET games from 19 to 10. That is a big change and now the Los Angeles Lakers will play their games earlier and that gives them more footage. Although it’a difficult time for Los Angeles Lakers home fans as they would have to rush home sooner to catch Lakers live.

Important Lakers games on the NBA schedule

The Los Angeles Lakers are already a trending franchise. They have a great TV footage this season and would he hot topics for discussion in this NBA schedule. But there are certain games which fans can’t afford to miss.

Los Angeles Lakers given TV broadcast priority on NBA schedule

James and Davis will carry the Lakers on their big shoulders this season. Image : Sportingnews

Hence we list the must watch games so you have your snacks and schedule set right before these expected hundingers.

1. Oct. 22 at L.A. Clippers

Yet the battle of the Los Angeles giants is here. It definitely can’t get bigger. And in the bigger picture it’s the duo of Lebron James- Anthony Davis vs Kawhi Leonard – Paul George.

The Lakers went all out for Kawhi but still finished second with Clippers winning the race. It would be interesting to see how Leonard shows what the Lakers missed on.

2. Oct. 25 vs. Utah Jazz

The second battle of powerhouses slated in just three days after the first one. Lakers will have a chance to see how their new management and players gel together. With Mike Conley in the Jazz roster, it’s again an interesting match.

3.Nov. 19 at New Orleans Pelicans

Los Angeles Lakers did a sensational trade with the Pelicans on NBA draft 2019. They got Davis and sent three young prospects packing to the Pelicans. With the No.1 draft Zion also in the Pelicans squad, it would be an interesting boos-filled match.

4. Christmas Day vs LA Clippers

The Christmas gift would come to Los Angeles for sure. It just depends on whose fan you are to know you’re happy or sad.

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