NBA Trade Rumors: Aaron Gordon Deal with Chicago Bulls Confirmed before February Deadline

NBA Trade Rumors Aaron Gordon Deal with Chicago Bulls Confirmed before February Deadline

Aaron Gordon is on the trade radar of Chicago Bulls who are looking to upgrade their roster for the next NBA season. The Bulls need a lot of help in their roster as most of their top players are injured and the team is at 12-20 record in the current NBA season. Despite losing so many games, the Chicago Bulls team are at 10th seed in the NBA East and their chances of playoffs are still somehow alive.

Meanwhile, Gordon is not doing that great in Orlando Magic and has just an average of 13.3 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 3.0 assists in 27 games played this season. The Bulls could make a deal with Aaron Gordon and pair the 6-foot-8 forward with Zach LaVine to boost their roster strength before the upcoming NBA February trade deadline.

Chicago Bulls Need Aaron Gordon in their Roster

Chicago Bulls Need Aaron Gordon in their Roster

Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine have a lot of history together and both the stars were taken in the same draft class and also the final players for the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Chicago Bulls can pair the two dunkers who can fly high and keep the ball away from their opponents.

The Bulls are already in trouble due to injuries of Otto Porter II and Chandler Hutchinson and having Gordon as reinforcement would help them a lot. The only question here is whether both teams will agree for a trade deal before the February 6, 2020, deadline and what assets or future draft pick could be on the line?

Aaron Gordon Deal with Chicago Bulls Possible?

Aaron Gordon Deal with Chicago Bulls Possible

Chicago Bulls would most likely trade Lauri Markannen in exchange for Aaron Gordon and while the trade deal is balanced, it could be a big risky move for both sides. Thaddeus Young, Wesley Iwundu or Melvin Frazier are also some of the names from the Bulls roster who could be offered to Orlando Magic to seal the deal.

Gordon has to be paid $53 million on his current deal which runs until the 2021-22 NBA season. The Bulls are also considering options like Kris Dunn, Jrue Holiday, Jordan Clarkson and others before the 2020 February trade deadline.

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