NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Love Deal with Toronto Raptors Possible February Trade Deadline

Kevin Love Deal with Toronto Raptors Possible February Trade Deadline

Kevin Love has been put on the trade block by Cleveland Cavaliers and a lot of teams are interested in signing the NBA superstar. The latest rumored name to be interested in Love is none other than the reigning NBA champions Toronto Raptors. Even after losing their finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, the Raptors are doing great in this season and are at the 4th seed with 23-12 record in the NBA Eastern Conference.

The Raptors can easily procure the required assets to give out to the Cavs for signing Kevin Love and let him lead them in the NBA playoffs and replace Kawhi Leonard. Kevin Love could easily be signed by a deal by the Toronto Raptors before the 2020 NBA February trade deadline.

Kevin Love trade deal with Raptors to Replace Kawhi Leonard

Kevin Love trade deal with Raptors Possible

Toronto Raptors won the NBA 2019 championship with the help of Kawhi Leonard but now the star has gone to LA Clippers. Despite that, the Raptors are doing great in NBA 2019-20 season but they would need a strong and experienced player for the playoffs. Kevin Love is one of those players on the trade block who is well versed in the elimination games of NBA season.

Love has taken Cleveland Cavaliers to four consecutive NBA finals from 2015 to 2018 and is currently on the trade market because the team is rebuilding. The Raptors might be thinking about replacing Kawhi Leonard with Kevin Love and make another attempt at the NBA title trophy.

Toronto Raptors have the Assets to Sign Kevin Love

Toronto Raptors needs Kevin Love for the Playoffs

Kevin Love signed a $120 million, four year deal with the Cavaliers after LeBron James left the team. Although there is a little decline in Kevin’s performance, his value in the market has not dropped because he might not be making many efforts for an already lost Cavs side who is gearing hard for the rebuild.

The Toronto Raptors have a lot of players with expiring contracts, young players and future draft picks. In the recent game of Cavaliers vs Raptors, the Raps were impressed by Kevin Love despite his team lost. If the Canadian team sets his mind on Kevin Love, they could easily give the required assets to Cavaliers for making a trade deal before the February trade deadline.

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