NBA Trade Rumors: Kyle Kuzma can be traded to Raptors, Thunder, Pistons, Kings and Pacers

NBA Trade Rumors: Kyle Kuzma can be traded to Raptors, Thunder, Pistons, Kings and Pacers
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Los Angeles Lakers are out of the NBA playoffs this year and it has been a big shock to everyone. While the Lakers were the champion team last year, it is a great surprise to see that they have not even qualified this year. Kyle Kuzma performed the worst and lost a key shot in the elimination game.

It is why the Lakers would be looking to make some big changes in their squad and Kyle Kuzma could be the player that is moved out to make room for some new players. Raptors, Thunder, Pistons, Kings and Pacers are the possible trade destinations for Kuzma and here is more on the NBA trade rumors.

Toronto Raptors

Kyle Lowry will become a free agent this Summer and the Los Angeles Lakers are also one of the teams looking to get him. It would be perfect for the Lakers and Toronto Raptors to make an exchange for Kyle Kuzma and Lowry as both the players will get a chance to grow up in their new teams.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder could act as the perfect third team if the Lakers want some trade exchange in the free agency. While OKC has no big players other than Shai Gilgeous-Alexander in which the Lakers are interested, a direct exchange will hardly be possible for Kyle Kuzma. But Thunder could acquire Kuzma from the Lakers and involve a third team and other players to make the trade possible.

Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons are also looking for a full rebuild this season and none of the players apart from Jerami Grant have any permanent place in the second-worst performing team. Lakers and Pistons could make an exchange or even be a third team for a possible trade. Kyle Kuzma can stretch the floor for Pistons and he would get the chance to play close to home.

Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings could easily be a possible trade place for Kyle Kuzma where Buddy Hield will be a suitable exchange player in the process. Buddy could score some points by shooting around LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and Kuzma has to be included in the package a deal is to be made.

The other options include trading Harrison Barnes and Marvin Bagley in exchange for Kyle Kuzma where the 26-years-old could see some career growth as Kings have a lot of places to improve upon.

Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers could also be a possible trade destination for Kyle Kuzma in the offseason. It has been reported that the Lakers are looking to trade in Myles Turner for their center position and hence an exchange with the Pacers can be easily made. Kuzma has no place left in the Lakers and it would be best if both teams can solve their issues.

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