NCIS Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 24 Review: False Flag

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NCIS: Los Angeles is an American tv series first aired on September 22, 2009. It follows around a team of special agents who belong from Naval Criminal Investigative Services.

They team up together to solve crime cases which involves the Navy and the Marines. The main cast of the series is Daniela Ruah, Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Barrett Foa, Nia Long, Eric Christian Olsen, Linda Hunt, Renée Felice Smith, Miguel Ferrer, and many more.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 24 explained in detail

NCIS Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 24 Review: False Flag

Credits: Medium

The final episode of Season 10 aired on May 19 has left a huge cliffhanger in the end. Fans are still trying to figure out the suspense.

In the tenth episode, the regular cast is seen with a bunch of guest stars in dangerous scenarios. Sam and Callen are seen working together on a secret mission.

They are sent to find a group of ISIS supporters aboard the USS Allegiance. On the other hand, Hetty joins her friend to find the information from a Russian official.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 24 Review: False Flag

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As per the sources, the episode had a twist in their plot where ISIS and Russians were thought to be the enemy. But the fans realized that the Russians were the victims.

Besides, Callen and Sam were on a mission to locate two Chechen agents who were hiding among thousands of sailors on the Allegiance.

Agent Jasmine Garcia who is also an NCIS Special was appointed to the team. Olivia Baird also revealed that she was a Russian spy. Meanwhile on the ship, the last Chenchen agent reached the nukes. He started bombing the Middle East hoping to begin a catastrophic war. Check out blocktoro.com for more updates.

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