Netflix Download Tips and Tricks: How to watch Movies and TV Series without Internet?

Netflix Download Tips and Tricks How to watch Movies and TV Series without Internet

Netflix has become the best way to pass time ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped the entire world from going out. Everyone is stuck at home, doing Netflix and chill to pass the quarantine and catch up on some amazing content. Netflix has one of the largest libraries of movies, TV series, documentaries, standup specials, etc. and new content is added every day on the streaming service.

However, between the fluctuating internet connectivity and a limited amount of data, one needs to download content from Netflix and watch it offline. Also, sometimes you have WiFi at your office or library, but you can’t watch Netflix stuff at that place and needs to be comfortable at your home in bed. Here are some of the tips and tricks on how to download from Netflix and watch movies and TV series without the internet.

How to Download from Netflix? What are the Minimum Requirements?

How to Download from Netflix What are the Minimum Requirements

Netflix offers download options for most of its content which can be done in multiple ways. You can simply log in to your Netflix account and browse to the Download section at the bottom and on clicking the button, you will be redirected to another page which shows content that can be downloaded. Once you click on any of the videos you want to download, it will ask to choose between Standard (720p) or High (1080p) video quality.

You can choose any of the video quality depending on your storage space, internet speed, device screen, and type. If you are downloading stuff for mobile, standard quality is enough, whereas you can choose the High quality of tablets and computers. Also, it will take less time and disk space for downloading low-quality videos, in case you have limited options.

Here are the minimum requirements to download videos from Netflix libraries for any kind of device.

  • Your device must be connected to a stable internet connection
  • You must have an active Netflix streaming account that supports high resolutions
  • Apple users must have iOS 9.0 or higher, Android users must have Android 4.4.2 or higher
  • Tablet or laptops must have Windows 10 or higher
  • One must use official Netflix application

How to Watch Movies and TV Series on Netflix without Internet?

How to Watch Movies and TV Series on Netflix without Internet

Netflix offers a wide range of content for downloading, although some things are restricted and not available for download. You can use a VPN and check if it offers the restricted content to download, which depends on location to location. Netflix also offers direct download any of the movies and TV series when you start streaming them with watch or download options.

Once you have downloaded your desired content, you can just head on to the Download section on the Netflix app and stream the content without any buffering issue. It will be a good idea to switch off the internet connection or WiFi in your device and then watch stuff offline on Netflix so that you can easily find offline content and won’t waste your data.

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