Netflix Euphoria season 1 finale left audience wondering how to sleep at night

Netflix Euphoria season 1 finale left audience wondering how to sleep at night

Sunday brought with itself the inevitable end of Netflix series Euphoria. Owing to its controversial legacy and ever-shock-promising nature fans were prepared for the worst. Hours before the last episode of the Euphoria officially aired to steal viewers breath away, Twitter got flooded with appalling news of antagonist’s demise. However, Euphoria kept its promise of taking-us-all-by-surprise just like always ergo its cliffhanging finale of season 1, left audience wondering how to sleep at night! Know the unexpected finale here!

Netflix Euphoria season 1 finale left audience wondering how to sleep at night

Euphoria Season 1, Episode 8
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Euphoria season 1 finale revealed: Spoilers ahead!

Sunday witnessed all search spots of Google being reserved for Euphoria of Netflix. The much anticipated and most intimidating question of “Who Dies?” loomed at each nook and corner of internet.

Everyone was prepared to face the worse that the show could have hit us with. However what will it be was the biggest question percolating all minds!

The spectacular 66 minutes long episode left its viewers scratching their already statically styled hairs to baldness! Euphoria season 1 finale commenced with the East Highland winter formal. The protagonists all covered in 90’s clothes highlighted the YA setting.

Euphoria season 1: What the last episode begins with?

Kat and Ethan’s mature reconciliation and Maddy and Nate’s wild yet age-appropriate dance-off set the mood of tension on the edge. For all knew this was just the peace that one experiences before a storm! Suddenly the viewers are dragged back to the intense central plot as Cassie ends her pregnancy.

The following scenes hold Maddy taking possession of Cal’s certain incriminating tape. While Maddy breaks into the doctor’s house with firm determination of becoming a murderer. The center of the show then shifts as Rue and Jules take the stage.

Now what will happen next!

Netflix Euphoria season 1 finale left audience wondering how to sleep at night

Source: Entertainment Weekly

The emotional heart of the series takes off into the night with dreams of escaping from their ruthless present. However, we would be certified fools if even for a second we thought that this could be the happy ending that we can witness!

Rue’s recently discovered and emulated sobriety gets the best of her and she heads back home leaving Jules alone on the platform. As Rue reaches her home, the hard reality of her father’s death strikes her like a thunderbolt, making her weep her eyes dry.

Does the season actually ends with a death?

Rue’s pain is doubled as the fact of her ultimate separation with Jules takes another much-expected toll on her. However the worst is yet to come! The final shot witnesses Rue climbing atop of a pile of strangers and then plunging off the frame.

Yes, no one knows if she will make it or not. The haphazard structure of season 1 finale of Euphoria kept audience on their toes. Never allowing them a minute of relaxation as scene after scene tension kept escalating at unimaginable pace.

With the finale of season 1 of Euphoria done and ended only God knows how viewers will wait for the next iteration!

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