Netflix drama series Stranger Things is now an edition for Monopoly game

Netflix drama series Stranger Things is now an edition for Monopoly game

Monopoly has announced a collector’s edition based on fan favorite Stranger Things theme. The announcement comes just a week after Stranger Things released its much anticipated season 3. The sale is a smart move from Monopoly looking at the age group of the games’ and movie’s target audience.

Stranger Things is one of the most watched Netflix originals drama series. It’s a science fiction horror web series that’s highly rated by critics. The IMDB rating for the series is 8.9 while Rotten Tomatoes rating go as high as 93%.

Experience all Stranger Things events up till now

The new Monopoly board game will let you play as any one from Polic Chief Jim Hopper’s hat, Eleven’s eggos, Max’s skateboard, the 80s casette tape, Steve’s baseball bat and much more.

I’d highly recommend this version of Monopoly to any Stranger Things fan. Make sure to stick the soundtrack on in the background! from StrangerThings

Although Monopoly have previously launched Stranger Things’ edition but this one is different indeed. The collector’s edition represents all the events happened in the series so far.

Steve’s hat from his job at Scoops Ahoy also features as one of the tokens. The Starcourt mall, Fairgrounds that make up the boardwalk and Park Place feature as the most expensive properties.

Netflix drama series Stranger Things is now an edition for Monopoly game

The collector’s edition is a lot more exclusive than previous ones. Image : Getty

How to pre-order and other features

The limited edition also features a 4-sided die that has one of its kind benefits. The die provides the player a D&D edge and also helps them move under Hawkins.

Other changes include replacement of houses and hotels to Forts and Hideouts. The dice also glows in the dark along with the hideout.

Monopoly have also Upside down cards which provide players special perks giving another dimension to the challenging game. The game will be available at different platforms around September-October.

The pre-orders have begin and you have the chance to be the first one to experience the Stranger Things’ edition.

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