Netflix Otherhood to give value to old women denied by Hollywood

Netflix new show Otherhood will change Hollywoods perception regarding aged women!

Time is that colorful blanket that griddles us all, showing its magic of age upon all! Even though both genders seem to be affected by this inevitable phenomenon of growing old females seem to suffer just a bit more! Though certain professions seem to regard age as some insignificant factor, Hollywood counts it in the ‘must check’ list! So if you are women working in the Hollywood industry and is over 30, then norms say it’s time to wrap it up. However, Netflix once again challenges the age-old fashion with its new movie ‘Otherhood.’

Netflix new show Otherhood will change Hollywoods perception regarding aged women!

Otherhood is all about the difficulties faced by aged-women
Source: Marie Claire

Otherhood of Netflix is out to break some old-notions!

Hollywood seems to be like a place for the young and charismatic. As aging takes its toll on women, the rich leading roles start slipping from their fingers. Not that they are entirely banned from the firm but better paid and center-most characters seem to be out of reach luxury for sure.

However, like all other nonsensical prejudice based norms, this too is being challenged by the world. We live in changing times were trends and fashion under-go heaps and bounds of remake overnight. Netflix is proving something similar to its now movie dubbed as Otherhood!

The film features women of varying ages and background who holds untold stories within themselves. Not stories of heroism or injustice rather ordinarily extraordinary stories of everyday life.

Tales and fables that encase the happenings of different stages of life that women go through.

What all the show holds for us?

Netflix new show Otherhood will change Hollywoods perception regarding aged women!

Otherhood – Patricia Arquette, Felicity Huffman, Angela Bassett
Source: USA Today

Cindy Chupack, who proved her worth through films like Modern Family and Sex and the City also features Netflix’s Otherhood. Cindy informed Mashable during a phone interview that she is waiting to tell the world her stories.

She has a lot to say; however, the world lack stages and platforms that might allow her to do that.

Otherhood of Netflix is based on the novel named Whatever Makes You Happy by William Sutcliffe. It tells the tale of middle-aged women who decided to drive to New York. Well, the reason for their decision might take you off guard!

The driving force behind their decision is the fact that their adult sons barely acknowledge the existence of Mother’s Day! Now, something like this asks of such big decisions according to me!

Well if you wish to witness this drama all by yourself, then you don’t have to wait long. For its currently streaming on Netflix!

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