Netflix’s Black Mirror season 5 called out to be a mess

Netflix's Black Mirror season 5 called out to be a mess

One of the famous series, Black Mirror came out with its season 5. Defining the idea of distorting society with technology and future, series suggests some familiar digital ideas about social networking, gamification and AI.

Black Mirror season 5 is full of surprising element. Episodes of Black Mirror generally build up a story within premises and then uncover more elements that surprise with the climax, along with the various layering of suspense or conflicting the earlier story.

Netflix's Black Mirror season 5 called out to be a mess

Black mirror season 5
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Black Mirror season 5: The story

Black Mirror season 5 was recently released on Netflix which consist of three episodes. With all the central impulse, it presents tales of tech and its various possibilities and ways by which technology and humankind intersect. The idea is built upon and then complicates them through each episode.

Netflix's Black Mirror season 5 called out to be a mess

Netflix black mirror season 5
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“Striking Vipers”, the episode one in which the main character is in a functioning yet unsatisfying marriage. The second episode, “Smithereens” is based on London’s ride-share driver who deals with an international crisis. The last episode, “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too,” stars Miley Cyrus playing a delusional pop star, Ashley. It is about a lonely teenager who is obsessed with a robot doll based on her pop star idol Ashley.

What went wrong and where?

In the episode, especially first and the last one was missing core power story. “Smithereens” is basically towards being an accusation of technology’s addiction, but how that idea plays out to be blunt and degraded meaning. The storyline works out but doesn’t play out well.

The plot turns out to be a mess in “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too,” with an ex-teenage pop star ( Miley Cyrus) who wants to defy her celebrity image of cheerful, empowering with a rainbow heart.

This idea one that new season of the series has already played within its earlier seasons and even those earlier ideas were more thoughtful and more pointing.

Season 5 is not up to expectations, but that doesn’t imply show’s lost edge. Before these episodes, the previous instalment was the interactive Bandersnatch, which with its own flaws had a story that had a standing point of view and innovative storytelling method.

Black Mirror recent season is called out to be a mess, and show’s originality of unnerving insight is getting blur out whereas borders between the digital and the human are fading.

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