Netherlands Legally Euthanized a Teen Rape Victim

Netherlands euthanized teen rape victim

Netherlands has legally euthanized a 17-year-old rape victim after she struggled with mental illness.

Teen rape victim legally euthanized

Noa Pothoven, who was sexually assaulted thrice while still a child opted for the procedure after she said she found life unbearable.

The teenager who lives in Arnhem struggled with anorexia, depression, and post-traumatic disorder after having been molested at the age of 11 and 12. Two men also raped her when she was 14.

Pothoven’s life ended in a hospital bed in her living room with the aid of an end-of-life clinic.

Children under 13 in Holland wishing to die through euthanasia are allowed,  yet only if physicians conclude the suffering of the patient is excruciating with no clear end in sight.

The struggle of the teen rape victim

Dutch girl euthanized

source: Business Insider Malaysia

A day before she passed away, Pothoven put on Instagram her decision to undergo euthanasia. She told her followers it was time to let go as the trauma made her feel she could not continue living.

The teenager said that she felt ‘drained’ after battling and fighting her ordeals for many years. She had quit drinking and eating. She tagged her suffering as ‘unbearable’ and as such decided to ‘let go’ after series of evaluations and discussions with family.

Pothoven said that while she breathed, she never felt she was ‘alive’ but was merely ‘surviving.’

Netherlands Legally Euthanized a Teen Rape Victim

Source: CDN

She ended her message by asking her followers and friends not to convince her anymore that the decision is not right. Love she said, is in letting go.

The teenager said she stayed quiet after having been raped at the age of 14 out of shame and fear. She instead penned her struggles in a book titled ‘Winning and Learning.’

Her last few years were spent going in and out of specialist centers, institutions, and hospitals.

To prevent her from killing herself during her stay in compulsory mental healthcare, the teenager was required to wear a custom made dress.

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