New Coke is back thanks to Stranger Things

New Coke is back thanks to Stranger Things
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New Coke was manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company on April 23, 1985. However, the company discontinued the sale after receiving backlash for the beverage on July 10, 2002. Plus, the New Coke couldn’t last for more than 79 days. People hated it so must they started hoarding the cans of the Coke. But now, it is getting a limited release and all thanks to Stranger Things.

New Coke is coming back in the market

Netflix’s Stranger Things is bringing back New Coke, which was discontinued by The Coca-Cola Company. On Thursday, the company has made an agreement with the Stranger Things series during the marketing campaign of the series. Since a few months, the company is quite busy in recreating the drink.

New Coke is back thanks to Stranger Things

New Coke Can in Stranger Things

Stranger Things slogan

Does the slogan ‘one summer could change everything’ ring a bell to you? 1985 summer really did change the future of New Coke. Oana Vlad, director of Coca-Cola Trademark decided to improve the soda after realizing the huge role it will play in the Netflix series.

New Coke is back thanks to Stranger Things

As per the websites, the retro cans are going to make a grand appearance on the Stranger Things series. The show is set in 1985 and the third season is expected to release on July 4. Apart from that, selected cities will also get upside-down” vending machines this summer.

Lucky people in Atlanta who buy a ticket might get an opportunity to get New Coke cans as a gift. however, the tickets are available only at the World of Coca-Cola during the week of June 3. So do not miss to buy your tickets before the stocks run out. Check out Blocktoro for more updates.

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