New iPad Mini 6: All You to Need to Know


Apple is going to release its interesting and plausible new product the  Apple’s iPad Mini 6. The madness regarding this Apple hardware has been circulating since Apple’s March event. So, if you are an Apple fan then read the full article to know amazing specs about this new device.

There were many rumours that were going on since 2019’s March event. These included a radical home button free model. This could consequently have made the device more expensive and less attractive.

New iPad Mini 6: All You to Need to Know

Release date of iPad Mini

The exact date of launching iPads is never on a regular schedule. However, we have collected some information on the release dates of past Mini versions:

  • iPad Mini: In October 2012
  • iPad Mini 2: In October 2013
  • iPad Mini 3: October 2014
  • iPad Mini 4: September 2015
  • iPad Mini 6: 2019

New iPad Mini 6: All You to Need to Know

From the above dates, you can clearly see a major gap between the release of iPad Mini 4 and iPad Mini 5. This is the reason why one cannot predict the actual date until there is a piece of official news.

Well, if the new iPad Mini comes to the company with good sales then the company may bring the next update in the springs maybe next year. Like when the iPad series came out people loved it and then it became a yearly fixture.

Well, one thing is sure that if the new iPad Mini 6 does not include a home button. Then probably there will be Face Id system that might increase the security.

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