New Jersey weather forecast: Thunderstorm on its way

New Jersey weather forecast : Thunderstorm on its way

Wild weather day to be noted in the books on Thursday for New Jersey weather forecast. Morning was as miserable like usual, but later rainfall was seen a bit up to 2 inches. Then the whether was more upgraded with thunderstorms forming a tornado near Mullica Hill, Gloucester County. This was the second tornado of the year (confirmed).

The weather has eventually got normal on Friday morning. The temperatures mostly varies in 50s, and then on Friday afternoon it hit 70s. This was because the day was dry and sunny. But radar was warning about weather in Pennsylvania.

Some real weather issues may be highlighted for the day with west-northwest wind, that may result in drying out the air as well as ground. Air speeding to about 30 mph can be held now.

The report from the beach is in the good shade. Currents on beach are of moderate to low risk. As a result 4-foot waves may be seen along the shore of Jersey. Cool winds are on their way to beaches.

New Jersey weather forecast:

New Jersey weather forecast : Thunderstorm on its way

picture- NEWSMAX

The night of June 14th (Friday) will exhibit comfortable weather. Temperatures may come down to the upper 50s. Some clouds may also be noticed overhead. As a result, we can look forward to a summer-like Saturday with sunny and warm environment.

Winds on Saturday can be expected to blow at 20 mph southwest. There will also be a rise in temperature up to 80s.
Moreover, Sunday mostly looks fine. Although humidity and cloudy sky can be seen in predictions. Temperature may be shooter higher on the scale, reaching up to mid 80s.

A bit of uneasiness can be felt during mid- afternoon as thunderstorm and showers of rain seems possible. Seeing humidity as well as high temperature, a storm may seem likely. Father’s day can be celebrated with some showers in northern New Jersey.

How weekdays will look like?

New Jersey weather forecast : Thunderstorm on its way

picture-CBS LOCAL

Next week forecast looks like a record break as it shows a possibility of rain and thunderstorms.

Monday can be in the count of week’s hottest day. Temperature could spike  up to 90s. With high humidity, clouds and signs of thunderstorms, it may produce gusty wind and may result in heavy rain.
Tuesday’s temperatures may come back to 80s, but again signs of thunderstorms could be seen. Weather of Wednesday and Thursday can be a hang between dry and wet.

We can just hope for a good weather week, out from all the thunderstorm sights.

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