New Mexico Mayor wants We Build The Wall to stop building a border fence

New Mexico Mayor wants We Build The Wall to stop building a border fence

A cease and desist letter from the city of Sunland Park wants privately-funded ‘We Build The Wall’ to stop the construction of the border wall immediately.

We Build the Wall violates city ordinance

we build the wall builds border wall

Source: El Paso Times

On 28 May, Mayor Javier Perea said that American Eagle Brick Company (AEBC), the property owner, lacks the necessary permits to build the border fence. The non-profit organization We Build the Wall. backs the property owner.

The national group has raised funds through GoFundME to pay for the construction of the Wall that would close a gap frequently used for smuggling people and illicit drugs.

Former Kansas secretary of state, Kris Kobach who supports the advocacy defended that he and the group had obtained approval from two city inspectors of Sunland Park.

Perea, however, maintained that the group still violated the city law regardless of the construction approval they obtained from two city employees as they failed to submit proper construction plans to the city.

We build the Wall lacks necessary permits, faces fines

We Build the Wall Cease and Desist order


According to the city mayor, they had attempted to contact the property owner before construction started on 24-26 May.  The city inspectors, he said, were however denied access on the property.

Perea added that AEBC later submitted an application to erect the Wall yet it did not have the necessary information. He noted that the application is incomplete and at this point violates the city ordinance.

Aside from lacking survey or site plan, Perea said the application has contradicting information. No further details were provided.

Perea added that their city ordinance does not allow construction of walls taller than six feet. The privately funded Wall is more than 20 feet tall.

The city mayor said that AEBC might face fines that are twice the cost of permit fees and will be fined every day if the cease and desist order is ignored.

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