New Orleans Immerses in Rain; Flash Flood Emergency Declared

Flash flood emergency in New Orleans

After the city of New Orleans immersed, due to six to ten inches of rain in an hour or two. A flash flood warning that veered into an emergency in no time was broadcasted. The torrent could be the trailer of a grave flooding state from the Hurrican Barry hitting the shores this weekend.

Hurricane Barry on the way

The upshot of Barry is forecasted to raise the Mississipi waters more than it’s recorded highs ever or since the 1920s. The National Weather Service extrapolates the river to rise to the pinnacle of about 20 feet. Consequently, coming to the height of the levee harbouring the city.

As Barry landfalls, the ocean waters could arise several feet above the rim of the Mississipi River. Consequently, pushing the Mississippi waters to the record-breaking levels. Predictions state Barry would uplift the waters to 19-22 feet, higher than the recorded 21.3 feet of 1922.

Due to this tidal front move in the ocean and a supposed resultant flood, New Orleans has fallen under the cyclone rush watch. Torrential rainfall corresponding Barry, prior to the storm could magnify the deluge by the Mississippi.

New Orleans suffer before Barry arrives

Floods in New Orleans

The Circle Food Store engulfed in floodwaters in New Orleans

Raging cascade kept the people off the roads as advised by the city officials. Offices and businesses suffered in the flood. Heavy rains arrived Jefferson Parish, triggering flash flood emergency there. The famous French Quarter recorded the rainfall high of six inches per hour.

Many sites near downtown in New Orleans received over half a foot of rain in total. However, the downpour has assuaged as yet. The predictions of Barry hitting the shores of Louisiana or northeast Texas this weekend looks absolute. However, if Barry makes it’s way proximate to the city, it could be a grave flood threat, from the rain and the cyclone surge.

Dealing the storm and its aftermath will continue for New Orleans until early next week, till Barry hits the land. The rainfall and storm surge will hype up the flood warnings until then.

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