New Texas law allows businesses to deliver alcohol starting Sept 1

Texas law allows deliver of alcohol

Local businesses in Texas can soon alcohol after Gov. Greg Abbott recently signed the law Senate Bill 1232.

The New Texas bill that Gov. Abbott signed into law

Gov abbott signed into law a bill that allows delivery of alcohol

The New Texas law which will take effect on Sept 1 enables retailers to deliver alcohol along with food.

Under the new law, restaurants and H-E-B with beer and wine permits are the only businesses allowed so far to deliver those products. Provided however that all deliveries also include food.

Business establishments with mixed beverage permit may need to wait for more. The governor needs to sign a different bill –No.1450 – into law. The bill is expected to require food to be included in the delivery too.

Aside from beer and wine, eligible establishments can also deliver pre-packaged mixed drinks.  That excludes cocktails made at the business.

The new law also stipulates that delivery people and customers must be both aged 21 and/or above.

The full text of the law can be found here.

New Texas law allows delivery of alcohol: Mixed views

The Texas Restaurant Association supports the law with several business owners expressing their excitement over potential business opportunities.

Michelle Gonzales, vice-president of Rosario’s noted that the opportunity to deliver drinks with Chile Rellenos or Enchiladas could be a game changer.

She believes that the new law will boost their revenues by 5% to 10% more.

Gov. Abbott put to Twitter the announcement about the signing of the new Texas law

Not everyone’s happy though.

San Antonio native, Leonard Rodriguez with business interests on the West side of Texas commented that while he found it interesting that Gov. Abbott would sign a particular bill like that, he doesn’t think it’s the best thing to do in the long run.

Amazon Prime Now has set up a local alcohol delivery system since last year.

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