New York State Passed Law to Ban Cat Declawing: Know Details

The New York State Passed Law to Ban Cat Declawing: Know Details

We humans are not the only creatures that inherit the earth. The planet is ailing and we, only we are responsible for imbalances caused. In order to restore the balance in environment, New York lawmakers have declared a ban on Cat Declawing on Tuesday.

Ban on Cat Declawing in New York

The New York State Passed Law to Ban Cat Declawing: Know Details

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The veterinary groups have fought hard for years and finally, the fruit for all their hard times is here. The passed bill will prohibit declawing surgeries of cats for “cosmetic causes.”

Much before New York State, Los Angeles and Denver have already banned declawing of cats. While states like New Jersey, California and Massachusetts are also on the verge of prohibiting killings of innocent creatures for their claws.

The bill awaits the approval of Governor Andrew Cuomo. On Tuesday, he will be reviewing the official bill and if he gives it a green signal, then the violators could face a penalty of massive $1000.

Declawing is not like a convenience manicure. Rather it’s about a whole surgical process to remove an animal’s claws through amputations and operations.

Declawing is not a kind of quick fix to harmful scratchings but can result in long-lasting physical problems to your pet, causing her to bite more often. Which means your little, cute pet animal will go wilder.

This world awaits the damn changes

The New York State Passed Law to Ban Cat Declawing: Know Details

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Besides, the declawing bill, the State Senate has also passed nine other animal-related bills on Tuesday.

From now onward, pet stores will be required to install fire protection systems in their shops. While people will be liable to a hefty fine for leaving their dogs outside without proper homes to stay.

The year’s legislature is entirely different from what we have seen while growing up. The year saw a flurry of laws passed, majorly on abortion rights, election reforms, gun control and now on animal rights.

The cat bill faced a strong backlash from professional communities like New York Veterinary Medical Society. They reached out to courts with strong arguments of euthanasia or abandonment.

They have also stated that declawing is favorable in cases where the pet owners suffers from ailments like diabetes, hemophilia or immunity disorders.

Their arguments are really inhumane and highly insane!

There’s never ever going to be any good reasons to declaw cats, from a cat’s viewpoint.

A society is judged by the ways it treats the animals. And the practice of declawing is giving them enough pain to take away the possibility of a happy life.

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