NFL: Antonio Brown Trade Deal with a Desperate Dallas Cowboys Possible

NFL Antonio Brown Trade Deal Dallas Cowboys

Antonio Brown may have been facing two separate cases of sexual allegations but he is still one of the best wide receivers in NFL. There are many teams waiting for the NFL investigation on Brown to get over and sign him before the October 29 trade deadline. One such name is Dallas Cowboys which after losing the last three games has become desperate for a win.

Jerry Jones, the owner of Cowboys is not very happy with how the coach and players have performed against the weaker teams and need something to get them back on track. It is why Michael Irvin, the former Cowboys wide receiver and Hall of Famer has been requesting the team to sign Antonio Brown for their good.

Michael Irvin Requests Cowboys to sign Brown

Michael Irvin asking Cowboys to sign Brown

Michael Irvin in a recent interview addressed the Cowboys team and how they have to get back in the NFL 2019 season. Irving said that the Dallas Cowboys need Amari Cooper to get back and until he is injured, the should look for other options and it includes the name of Antonio Brown. Here is what the former Cowboys star had to say on the whole wide receiver issue.

We need to get help from wherever we can, I don’t care about what the media has to say or how much of a PR nightmare it will be. We should just pick Brown for a week or two and see how things work out. I’m not gonna lie, we are desperate and we need every help we can get, the real H.E.L.P.”

Dallas Cowboys needs Antonio Brown

Dallas Cowboys needs Antonio Brown

The Cowboys sure needs some help right now given how badly they failed after the Week 3 games. New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers beating Dallas Cowboys is still considerable, but the New York Jets registering an easy win is bad for the team.

Dak Prescott is still one of the best opening quarterback but their receivers can’t catch easy throws and this is where Antonio Brown comes into the picture. Cowboys knows that signing Brown will be a huge risk, but they need to take the gamble if they want to make it in the 2019 NFL playoffs.

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