NFL: Antonio Brown Trade Deal with Philadelphia Eagles Possible

NFL Antonio Brown Trade Deal Philadelphia Eagles

Antonio Brown drama will keep going as long as he is without any NFL team and even the trade deadline was not able to change his playing status. NFL 2019 season has a lot of injured players and especially wide receivers which are the backbone of any team. The Philadelphia Eagles are somehow surviving but their offensive side needs some traction as DeSean Jackson is injured and will miss out the entire season.

Carson Wentz needs another weapon to support him and ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith believes that the Eagles should sign Antonio Brown for the job. Despite the drama and controversies surrounding Brown, a trade deal with Eagles is totally possible in the next few days.

Eagles needs to Replace DeSean Jackson

Eagles needs to Replace DeSean Jackson

Philadelphia Eagles are at a bad phase and even after winning their last two games have just a 5-4 record. The team currently ranks 21st in passing attack and their receivers are dropping passes all over the place. Carson Wentz might be the quarterback who has wide receivers drop the maximum number of passes this season.

Even after that, Wentz has been doing a great job for the Eagles and has made 15 touchdowns with only four interceptions. DeSean Jackson has been placed on the injured reserve list for the entire regular season after he underwent surgery. The Eagles need someone to replace Jackson and there is no better option compared to Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown can Win Games for Eagles

Antonio Brown can Win Games for Eagles

Antonio Brown might have a lot of issues off the field, but once he enters the football ground, the man plays his best game. There might be some sort of social outweighs in signing Brown but if a team is focused solely on winning, they would sign him without any hesitation. The pairing of Carson Wentz and Antonio Brown may sound a bit different, but have huge potential in the offensive side of Eagles.

It is only a matter o time when Antonio Brown is either cleared in the NFL investigation or put on the commissioner’s exempt list. If the former happens, the Philadelphia Eagles would easily sign Brown to play as a wide receiver in their team for the rest of the games.

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