NFL Deals for Von Miller, Trent Williams and AJ Green before October 29 Trade Deadline

NFL trade deal Von Miller Trent Williams AJ Green Raiders Browns Patriots

NFL trade deadline is now less than three weeks away and there are a lot of players waiting to change their teams. While team losing games is natural, many of the times certain players are blamed and the rest of them gets a free pass. The players who believe that they are better than their teams are looking for a trade out and want to join some successful NFL teams. Von Miller from Broncos, Trent Williams from Redskins and AJ Green would soon make new deals before the October 29 trade deadline.

Von Miller to Eagles, Raiders or Browns

NFL trade deal Von Miller to Raiders or Browns

The Broncos are currently 1-4 in the NFL 2019 season and looking for a major rebuild of their roster. The firing of Denver Broncos players could include the name of linebacker Von Miller who could soon be out of the team. Miller could be a game-changer for any NFL team that needs better pass rushing sacks. The Eagles, Raiders and the Browns could be the few teams that require an efficient linebacker and Miller could be their right option.

Trent Williams to Browns

NFL trade deal Trent Williams to Browns

Trent Williams has been sitting out on a holdout from the Washington Redskins since the start of 2019 NFL season and has no intention of joining them back. The Redskins have lost all five of their games and now even having Williams back would be just a waste of money.

Cleveland Browns need an offensive tackle badly to protect their franchise quarterback and Trent Williams would be the perfect fit. The Browns would gladly give a future first-round pick in exchange for Williams to the Redskins.

AJ Green to Patriots

NFL trade deal AJ Green to Patriots

AJ Green joining the 0-5 Bengals won’t change anything about their playoffs chances and both sides are well aware of it. The Bengals are on the same path as Dolphins and have given up their fighting spirit for the NFL 2019 season.

It will be a few more days before Green is fully recovered but it is the best time for any of the NFL teams to sign him as the October deadline comes closer. The Patriots are missing out on their wide receiver position ever since they released Antonio Brown and Green would be the one to replace him and support Tom Brady.

AJ Green Trade Deals with Patriots, Eagles, Packers and Chiefs

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