NFL free agent Malik McDowell beats up policeman

NFL free agent McDowell beats up policeman

NFL defensive, Malik McDowell lineman had an ugly altercation with a policeman after he was pulled over for over-speeding in February. The incident happened in Lathrup village, Michigan where McDowell fought with the policeman who tried to tease him.

Malik McDowell was charged with multiple offences after he plucked out the darts and attacked the officer. The defensive lineman is definitely not afraid of Tasing but the incident may not be in the best interest for his career that is yet to take off.

Drunk and over-speeding Malik McDowell rebels

The 6’6″ 300 pounds defensive lineman is never the one to back out. But when it was his mistake, truly he should have. The 23 year old was drunk twice more than the permitted limit. He was pulled up by a police officer and was asked to keep seated in his car.

NFL’s Malik McDowell Fights Cop AFTER Being Tased, Insane Video from nfl

The former Seahawk pick though asked to talk to the supervisor. As seen in a video by TMZ, Malik McDowell left his car and entered a convenience store nearby. The police officer went after him and tried to tase him to no avail. Malik McDowell hit back and a fight ensued resulting in dismantling of food items.

McDowell charged with multiple offences

Other officers then interrupted the fight. One of them claimed that Malik reached out for his gun when he tried to grab him. He was later charged with counts of felony assaulting and resisting, one misdemeanor count of operating while intoxicated and misdemeanor driving on a suspended license.

NFL free agent McDowell beats up policeman

McDowell was picked by Seattle’s but never played in regular season. Image : Getty

Malik McDowell is now due in court later this month. The officer had minor scratches and nothing more. Malik McDowell has never played a NFL regular season game so far. Patriots are the current NFL champions.

He suffered an ATV accident  on which he was released by Seattles in 2018. He is now a free agent this season. Patriots might want to boost their defense with his services.

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