NFL: LA Chargers to Fire Melvin Gordon for Losing against the Steelers and Broncos?

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Melvin Gordon has done more harm than good ever since he ended his holdout and returned to the Los Angeles Chargers team. The Chargers lost their last two games against the Broncos and the Steelers and Gordon performed absolutely worst in both the games. It is not that Gordon has been performing average or he has returned from some sort of injury, the running back has put the worst numbers in the NFL 2019 season.

The Chargers were way better with Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson, and would prefer to soon go back to that roster. It would mean Melvin Gordon getting fired from the team and he will be traded out to the first offer Los Angeles get in the October trade deadline.

Gordon has Hurt the Team Performance

Gordon has Hurt the Team Performance 

Gordon has somehow weakened the Chargers rushing attack and the numbers from the last two games are proof of the same. In the first four games without Melvin Gordon, the Chargers made 97 attempts for 414 yards with 2 touchdowns. While in the two games with Gordon as the RB#1, the team just did 30 attempts with 67 yards and no touchdowns.

The Chargers losing against the Steelers was an absolute disaster and they are way better and Gordon is the one responsible for the defeat. Pittsburgh Steelers are on their worst roster, with Ben Roethlisberger and even the backup quarterback Mason Rudolph out of the game due to injuries. Devlin Hodges who started for the Steelers first team managed to beat the Chargers and now they are equal as them at 2-4.

Is Melvin Gordon trying to get New Deals?

Is Melvin Gordon trying to get New Deals

Melvin Gordon has hinted several times that he wants to leave the Chargers team and join the Eagles or some other NFL sides. It could be the reason why Gordon only rushed for 18 yards for 8 carries as a Pro Bowler would never have such numbers.

Gordon was forced to return to the Chargers team as he was on the brink of losing his contract money. Now that Gordon has been getting his weekly salary from the Los Angeles team, he could simply perform horrible and the team would be forced to trade him out during October 29 trade deadline.

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