NFL News: Baker Mayfield to be Fired Soon from the Cleveland Browns

NFL News Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns are having the worst NFL season and the blame will ultimately fall on their main quarterback Baker Mayfield. The Browns are lagging at 2-3 for the 2019 NFL season and their offensive side is one of the worst in the league.

To make the matter worse, Mayfield is being arrogant and cocky, disrespecting older players including Richard Sherman from 49ers and when it comes to performing, he is a total failure. The Browns are receiving a lot of complaints and if that continues for some time, they would have no option but to fire Mayfield from the team.

Baker Mayfield do Not Respect Veteran Players

Baker Mayfield do Not Respect Veteran Players

In the Week 5 game between Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers, Baker Mayfield insulted Richard Sherman by snubbing him off for a handshake during the coin toss ceremony. It is not just about Sherman, several other veteran players have accused Mayfield of disrespecting them on and off the field.

The vets told that Mayfield has been too cocky and rubs them in the wrong way. Mayfield acts like he is superior to the older players and doesn’t care if they have been in the NFL longer than him. It is also the growing concern in the Browns team as none of the veterans bonds with Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield Talks More and Play Less

Mayfield Talks More and Plays Less

Baker Mayfield acts as if he has won 10 Super Bowls when in reality he has not won a single one. He had a great career in college, his rookie year was also promising but now that NFL 2019 season is here, he has been useless for most of the games.

For someone who just rushes for only 100 yards with 8 carry per 22 attempts and gets intercepted twice in that, Mayfield talks as he is a very big deal. The Browns are getting a lot of complaints regarding Baker and if he doesn’t start being respectful to others, it won’t be a surprise if the quarterback is fired from the team.

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