NFL News: Jalen Ramsey Trade Deal to Happen before the October Deadline

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Jalen Ramsey was supposed to play for the Jaguars in the NFL Week 6 Sunday game against the New Orleans Saints, but he even missed that. While everyone thought that things are right between Ramsey and Jacksonville Jaguars, it appears as they are not. Shad Khan, the owner of the Jaguars NFL team was confident that Ramsey will play the game against the Saints after he had a heart to heart exchange with him personally.

But the cornerback was absent from the game which led to the Jags losing the game badly at 6-13. It is evident now that Jalen Ramsey is not going back to the Jaguars, and he will get his trade deal before the October 29 trade deadline.

Jalen Ramsey is Injured or Missing Games for Trade?

Jalen Ramsey is Injured or Missing Games for Trade

The Jaguars are still trying to control the situation by clarifying that Jalen Ramsey missed the game due to his back injury. Every week of NFL 2019 season comes by and there is a new excuse for Ramsey missing the game. First, it was a fever, then the birth of his second child and now it is back injury.

Even a non-expert can see the things which are going behind the cameras and how the Jags can’t control their cornerback. Ramsey is well aware that if he misses out a few games, the NFL trade deadline will hit and the Jaguars would lose out a lot of money if they don’t trade him out.

Trade Deals for Jalen Ramsey

Trade Deals for Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey decided to leave the Jacksonville Jaguars team after the second week game where he was insulted by their coach Doug Marrone after having a rift on the sidelines. Ramsey made it quite clear that his self-respect is very important to him and there is no way he will be going back to the Jags team.

It has been evident as he reluctantly misses out practice sessions and even real games while waiting for a trade deal. NFL teams such as Eagles, Chiefs, Ravens, Patriots, Rams, Cowboys, and others would gladly have Ramsey in their team once the Jags open him up for trade deals as the October deadline approaches.

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