NFL News: Marcus Mariota Trade Deal with Miami Dolphins Before October Deadline Confirmed?

Marcus Mariota trade deal with Miami Dolphins

Marcus Mariota has been demoted from the role of starting quarterback by the Tennessee Titans team and very soon could be moved out of the team. The Titans have made a change in their QB position and Ryan Tannehill has been promoted for the post for the rest of the NFL 2019 season. Mariota has played decently by completing 59.1 percent of passes and rushing for 1,179 yards with seven TDs, two ICs, and a 91.7 passer rating.

But the Titans top brass believes that he has been playing too safe and his bad decision making has affected the team performance. The October trade deadline is near and speaking in terms of exchange deals, Marcus Mariota could be traded out to the Miami Dolphins.

Titans to Put Mariota Open for Trade

Titans to Put Mariota Open for Trade

The Titans lost their calm after they lost the Week 6 game against the Denver Broncos at 0-16. It was so bad that Mariota couldn’t make a single touchdown and was intercepted twice in his attempts while making just 7 carries for 18 attempts.

Mariota was benched in the middle of Broncos vs Titans game last Sunday and he won’t get to play another game in Tennessee. The Titans are looking to put out the former No. 2 overall pick on the trading block as the star quarterback is unable to show any positive results.

Dolphins can use Marcus Mariota as Starter QB

Dolphins can use Marcus Mariota as Starter QB

The Titans won’t waste any more time dragging Mariota in their team and would trade him out as soon as possible to acquire drafts picks for 2020. As per the NFL experts, the Titans can get a second-round pick in exchange for Marcus Mariota and they will gladly accept the deal.

Miami Dolphins who have acquired a lot of draft picks can easily sign Mariota and offer Josh Rosen or Ryan Fitzpatrick in return combined with one 2020 second-round draft pick. The Dolphins could use Mariota as their starter until they sign a new rookie in the draft trade deals of next year.

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