NFL: Patrick Peterson Possible Deals with Eagles, Chiefs and Cowboys

NFL Patrick Peterson Trade Deal Phildelphia Eagles Kansas City Chiefs Dallas Cowboys

Patrick Peterson will be back in Arizona Cardinals after sitting out the first six weeks due to getting suspended by NFL for enhanced drug use. The Cardinals are currently 2-3-1 in the NFL 2019 season and they are missing out their cornerback Peterson badly.

But there have been rumors that a few teams are interested in Peterson trade deal and the corner is also willing to leave the Cardinals team. While Arizona doesn’t want to move him out, the October trade deadline is near and they may be forced to do so. It is reported that three teams are interested in Patrick Peterson and it could be the Eagles, Chiefs and Cowboys.

Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Patrick Peterson Trade Deal Phildelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles need any help it can get in their defense and with the last game defeat against the Vikings, they are now at 3-3 record for the NFL season. The Eagles have been linked to the Jaguars star cornerback Jalen Ramsey for a long time, but they are somehow not trading him even after a lot of offers. Patrick Peterson is an eight-time Pro Bowl selection and he could certainly help the Eagles to make a comeback in the 2019 NFL season.

Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Patrick Peterson Trade Deal Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs has no doubt the best offense and Patrick Mahomes is stunning as their opening quarterback, but their defense needs a lot of improvement. The Colts and Texans both defeated the Chiefs in the last two games and now they are at 4-2 and another loss could cloud their playoffs chances. For a team that is planning for the Super Bowl, the Chiefs would need Patrick Peterson as their cornerback and make the defense stronger.

Dallas Cowboys

NFL Patrick Peterson Trade Deal Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys need all the help it can get after getting 3-3 from 3-0 as they lost their last three games badly. Even the winless New York Jets were able to beat the Cowboys as Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot couldn’t do anything despite their best plays. Cowboys have a good defense but it is not enough and adding Patrick Peterson might give them the boost they need once again for the current NFL season.

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