NFL quarterback Kaepernick Nike commercial nominated for Emmy

NFL quarterback Kaepernick Nike commercial nominated for Emmy

Collin Kaepernick featured in Nike commercial and is getting accolades all the way from Hollywood. The Dream Crazy ad that featured Kaepernick is now on the list of nominees for the Outstanding commercial at the Emmy awards.

Kaepernick featured in the advertisement dropped in September this year. The commercial talks about legends like LeBron James and Serena Williams among others and are filmed as an inspiration.

What is the commercial about ?

The Nike commercial refers many legends of different sports and urges the common man to dream big. It refers to Odell Beckham and Kaepernick says that don’t imagine yourself wearing Bekham’s jersey.

“Picture OBJ wearing yours.”

He also refers to Serena as an inspiration for the hunger to become the best.

“And, if you’re a girl from Compton, don’t just become a tennis player. Become the greatest athlete ever. Yeah, that’s more like it,” Kap said.

NFL quarterback Kaepernick Nike commercial nominated for Emmy

Serena’s childhood image featured in the commercial. Image: Wieden+Kennedy

Wieden+Kennedy agency produced the ad. They are renowned for producing other iconic ads like Terry Crews Old Spice ad and Bud Lite’s “Dilly Dilly”. The company is based in Portland near Nike’s headquarters.

Competition for Nike commercial

Nike’s “Dream Crazy” ad featuring the NFL quarterback will be up against incredible advertisements like Netflix and Macbook’s. Iphone’s aesthetically appealing ad will also give tough competition to the aforementioned. The Dream Crazy ad though brought instant returns for Nike with immediate improvement in sales figures.

So it’s hard to determine the Outstanding Commercial 2019 yet but all will be disclosed on 22 September. The NFL quarterback was also recently in the news for wrong reasons.

What is the controversy regarding the Nike Ad with Colin Kaepernick? What is the problem and situation about? from AskReddit

The former NFL star urged Nike to cancel its “Betsy Ross Flag” Air Max 1 sneakers for the Fourth of July. The two got into a sour relationship after that but this news is likely to spur the relations into goodwill back again.

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