NFL Rumors: Cam Newton Trade Deal by Carolina Panthers before October Deadline

NFL Cam Newton Trade Deal Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton might be returning soon on the football field after recovering from his injuries but it is not sure whether he will play for the Panthers or not. At the start of the 2019 NFL season, the Carolina Panthers thought that they are a lost cause without Newton working in their team as the opening quarterback.

Even they started the NFL season with two losses at 0-2 but after that, the team got back together with Kyle Allen opening the game and they won four straight games and that too with an average margin of more than 10 points. The Panthers don’t need Cam Newton anymore and could possibly trade him before the October 29 trade deadline.

Kylle Allen has Replaced Cam Newton in Panthers

Kylle Allen has Replaced Cam Newton in Panthers

Kyle Allen might not be the best quarterback of 2019 NFL season but he is doing his job better than most of them. At the age of just 23 years, he was given the responsibility of replacing Cam Newton and he excelled at the job and did much better than his successor.

Allen has a 65.6 completion percentage and seven touchdowns in the four games he started for the Panthers this season. The Panthers have been averaging 31.3 points per game with Allen leading their offense. Meanwhile, with Cam Newton as the starter, the Carolina NFL team just had an average of 20.5 points per game.

Cam Newton Possible Trade Deals

Cam Newton Possible Trade Deals

Cam Newton is still a great quarterback and a lot of NFL teams would be interested in making an offer for him. The Panthers currently hold Newton till 2021 where they are paying him more than $20 million per year.

It would be wise to trade out Newton as they don’t need him and also he is 30 years old and recovering from an injury. NFL 2019 season is already low on quarterbacks with Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints needing one badly. If the Panthers put Newton on the trade market, they could easily get a nice deal for him in the October deadline.

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