NFL Rumors: Can Antonio Brown Still Play in the 2019 NFL Playoffs?

Can Antonio Brown Still Play in the 2019 NFL Playoffs

Antonio Brown playing in NFL 2019 season is still not clear as the investigations against him are taking weeks after week. The wide receiver has a crazy season where his drama, tantrums, sexual assault cases and social media outrage has been more in the news rather than his game performance. It is not like Antonio Brown hasn’t played much, to be honest, the Patriots waived him off after a single game when a second lawsuit was filed against him.

Brown is still in demand due to his pure playing ability and performance and a lot of teams are still interested in him. But the fact remains is Antonio Brown can’t stay quiet and the question remains will he play in the 2019 NFL playoffs?

20 NFL Teams are Still Interested in Antonio Brown

20 NFL Teams are Still Interested in Antonio Brown

As per the Bleacher Report article, there is still interest in Antonio Brown from at least 20 teams. Even though it sounds a clickbait, it might be true given the fact NFL is reaching the playoffs and almost every team needs a reliable wide receiver and a strong weapon to their quarterbacks.

Brown ranks second in the number of receptions with a tally of 841 catches since 2010 and is only after Larry Fitzgerald. He is still in his prime, practicing and working out despite all the drama and always gives a hundred percent on the field. But the problem is Antonio Brown can’t keep his mouth shut and his recent activities have made it difficult for any of the NFL team to sign him.

Antonio Brown Future NFL Playing Status

Antonio Brown Future NFL Playing Status

Antonio Brown should have stayed silent and let the situation be a bit colder, but instead he goes to Twitter and starts raging out against other NFL players, coaches, owners and teams. Even if we discount all that, the legal case of sexual assault is still with the committees and Brown will only be free once they clear him.

As for any of the teams signing Antonio Brown, NFL 2019 season has seen way more crazier things and after the WR apologizing to NFL, he may start playing again. Antonio Brown’s playing status depends on the outcome of his investigation and a team desperate enough for the playoffs and chances to Super Bowl 2020.

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