NFL Rumors: Chiefs to Replace Injured QB Patrick Mahomes with Colin Kaepernick?

NFL Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes with Colin Kaepernick

Patrick Mahomes, the best quarterback of this NFL season was injured in the last Thursday game of Chiefs vs Broncos. Matt Moore replaced him in between the game and the Chiefs managed to win at 30-6. But it was just a one time wonder as the Chiefs will need someone to lead their offense and do the job of their opening QB.

The defensive side was already weak due to which Kansas City lost two back to back games against the Colts and the Texans. Now that Mahomes is injured, the Chiefs needs to find a replacement soon or they could miss out on the NFL 2019 playoffs. Colin Kaepernick is the name which always comes in discussion, whenever a team needs a quarterback and given his connection with the Chiefs coach Andy Reid, he could soon replace Patrick Mahomes until he recovers.

Colin Kaepernick to the Chiefs

Colin Kaepernick to the Chiefs

Colin Kaepernick has made it clear that he wants to get back in NFL 2019 season and has inquired with a lot of teams. The Steelers, Saints, Jets, etc. and now the name of Chiefs could also be added to the list where Kapernick might have sent his resume. NFL season is almost around halfway, the October 29 trade deadline is very close and the teams have to replace their injured players.

Kaepernick has even said that he is ready to accept a lesser role and he has been working out constantly. Patrick Mahomes will undergo surgery which will take around a month for recovery, the Chiefs could use Colin Kaepernick in the meantime to lead their offense during the time.

The Chiefs needs a New Quarterback

The Chiefs needs a New Quarterback

Kansas City Chiefs are a title contender for this NFL season, it will be just 4 to 5 games and they have to make it to the playoffs. Patrick Mahomes will be back by then and can resume his starting duty. In the meantime, the Chiefs shouldn’t worry about the socio-political controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick and let him do his job.

Further, Andy Reid hired Chris Ault who used to coach Kaepernick at Nevada college as a consultant, when he got the job in Kansas City. It makes sense for Reid to sign Kaepernick as the replacement to Mahomes and give him full time to recover and take over again in the big games.

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