NFL Rumors: Colin Kaepernick deals with Seahawks, Jets and Eagles


Colin Kaepernick could soon make his NFL return as multiple teams are ready to give the quarterback a chance to get back in the league. The former San Francisco 49ers player has not played an NFL game for the last four years but has stayed in shape in case he is called back. The only obstacle that stands in between the return of Kaepernick to the NFL is that the teams want to see him work out first.

If he clears that, it won’t be a problem of Colin Kaepernick to play in NFL apart from the COVID-19 pandemic which is an issue for the whole league. NFL teams such as Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles could offer a deal to Colin Kaepernick as they need a new quarterback.

NFL Teams are ready to give Colin Kaepernick a Workout Chance

Colin Kaepernick is now in the same boat as Cam Newton and Jadeveon Clowney where they have to prove their worth in order to get a new deal. The two-time WAC Offensive Player of the Year tried to show his workouts in public last year, but the NFL teams would like to see that in their camps on their own terms.

Kaepernick has yet not said anything on the matter but will respond soon once the NFL teams are cleared to have a workout session camp. NFL training camp is scheduled to start from July 28 but the COVID-19b pandemic can delay the plans. Colin Kaepernick might have to wait for some more time, but if he is in shape and can impress teams with his workout, we might see him playing in this NFL season.

Colin Kaepernick deals with Seahawks, Jets and Eagles

Colin Kaepernick coming back to NFL now seems more possible after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that they were wrong not to listen on the racial injustice matters after the rise of Black Lives Matter protest, following the death of George Floyd.

There are several NFL teams such as Seahawks, Jets and Eagles whose main quarterbacks are either injured or not performing as per the mark. It won’t be a surprise if one of those NFL teams offers a deal to Colin Kaepernick in the upcoming free agency.

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