NFL Rumors: Dak Prescott turns down $30m from Cowboys for a much bigger offer

NFL Rumors : Dak Prescott turns down $30m Cowboys offer

Dallas Cowboys quaterback Dak Prescott has reportedly turned down a head turning $30m annual deal from his current franchise. With 2019 season approaching, this news is indeed startling. Prescott has now left a lot wondering over what his next move could be.

Dak Prescott exit would send Cowboys in a fix

Micheal Lombardi of The Athletic reported that Dak Prescott has turned an offer from Cowboys that would pay him $30m in a year. Prescott now has the option of becoming an unrestricted free agent next season with his current base salary $2.025m.

And with Dak Prescott turning down the offer, Dallas are in a real fix. They offered Dak Prescott such a big amount because the other running back Ezekiel Elliot has held out. Elliot had two years left in his current contract.

Dak Prescott expects Cowboys to “pay what’s deserved” from nfl

Now with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot leaving soon, Dallas will be without two of their high profile players. There’s a possibility that they would try to lure Prescott with even more money.

What are the other options for Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys who recently lost to 49ers in their Pre-season match have a few big decisions to make now. They have the option of Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan. Ryan has a league MVP and a SuperBowl appearance in his resume and is currently paid a whopping $30m annually.

But to be fair to Prescott, he is just 26 and has performed solidly for the Cowboys in his three seasons. He even went on to win The Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2016. With age on his side,he is destined to earn more.

NFL Rumors : Dak Prescott turns down $30m Cowboys offer

Prescott has age as big factor on his side. Image : Inside Out

Now it’s up to Cowboys to decide whether they want to invest in him. And even then it would be exciting to see what Prescott has in mind for his own future.

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