NFL Rumors: Eagles to Fire GM Howie Roseman for Failing to Make Jalen Ramsey Trade Deal

NFL Eagles to Fire GM Howie Roseman Jalen Ramsey Trade Deal

Jalen Ramsey was linked with the Philadelphia Eagles from the first day when he requested a trade but he was traded out to the LA Rams instead. The Eagles needed a cornerback badly and Ramsey was the best candidate and yet they failed in acquiring him. It raises some serious questions on the Philadelphia NFL club management and their general manager Howie Roseman is the one blamed for the blunder.

It is not just about the Ramsey trade deal, the Eagles are having their worst NFL season and Roseman has been ineffective at his job. The Eagles are 3-3 for the season with a lot of injured players if they don’t get back on track soon than the GM Howie Roseman could get fired from the job of managing the team.

Eagles are 3-3 and Need Better Players

Eagles are 3-3 and Need Better Players

The Eagles are at their worst ever since they won the Super Bowl title two years ago under the same management. In the 2019 NFL season, the Eagles have lost the same number of games as they have lost and two of them were against the weaker teams. The Eagles almost lost to the Redskins in the season opener but somehow saved themselves from a huge failure in the last quarter.

Falcons, Lions and Vikings were easily able to beat the Eagles and the only strong victory they had was against the Packers and it included some bad calls from referees. NFL trade deadline is coming and Howie Roseman has to make some big deals or he will be shown the exit door by the Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie.

Howie Roseman is the Real Problem

Howie Roseman is the Real Problem

Howie Roseman has made several mid-season trade deals for the Eagles in the past NFL years but 2019 has been a disaster so far. NFL experts have started to question the role of Roseman in taking the team forward as so far he has done anything that could benefit the Eagles team performance.

The Eagles are neither drafting new players nor signing the in-form stars and so far they are the prime contender for every big name on the trade block. Roseman has been bad at making team decisions and it could cost them the 2019 playoffs. The Eagles have to understand the problem and take a tough stand even if it means changing the team management.

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