NFL Rumors: Jaguars Owner Shad Khan Convinced Jalen Ramsey Personally to play in Week 6 Saints Game

NFL Jaguars Shad Khan Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey is finally back with the Jaguars and attended practice sessions with the team on Wednesday even though it was limited to solo drills. There are also reports confirming Ramsey to play in the Week 6 Jacksonville Jaguars vs New Orleans Saints game.

The reason why the cornerback had a change of heart is Shad Khan, owner of the Jags team. In an interview, Shad Khan revealed that he had a heart to heart conversation with Ramsey and is now confident that the All-Pro corner will play in the Saints game.

Shad Khan is a Fan of Jalen Ramsey

Shad Khan is a Fan of Jalen Ramsey

Shad Khan is very passionate about his NFL team and will do anything in the interest of Jacksonville Jaguars. Khan is not just an owner of the team, he is also a fan of the players and he especially likes Jalen Ramsey. There is no way the Pakistan based businessman would lose out his favorite cornerback so easily.

It is why Khan had a personal heart to heart conversation with Ramsey and both the parties have agreed to a mutual solution. While there are other issues such as the injuries of Ramsey and his fight with Doug Marrone, Khan is confident that we will the corner playing on Sunday against the Saints.

Jaguars needs Ramsey after Gardner Minshew’s Performance

Jaguars needs Ramsey after Gardner Minshew's Performance

The Jaguars got a lot of trade offers for Jalen Ramsey from teams such as Eagles, Ravens, Chiefs, and others, but they rejected every offer. There are solid rumors which say that the Jags even said no to two future draft picks in exchange for Ramsey.

It makes sense considering the Jaguars themselves need the cornerback badly as they still have high chances of making it to the playoffs. Gardner Minshew has been performing amazingly in the absence of Nick Foles and Jags are at 2-3. When Rasmey joins the team, they could level the score and win more games to enter the 2019 NFL playoffs.

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