NFL Rumors: Melvin Gordon trade deal with Philadelphia Eagles in October Trade Deadline

Melvin Gordon trade rumors

Melvin Gordon may have ended his holdout and played a few games with the Los Angeles Chargers but given his performance, he would be traded out soon. The star running back had one of the worst records in NFL after coming back to the Chargers and have only rushed for 121 yards in the 4 games he played.

The Chargers were somehow able to defeat the Bears in Sunday game by 1 point, but they are still 3-5 for the NFL 2019 season. With the October trade deadline on the clock, the Chargers would most likely trade Gordon out very soon. The Philadelphia Eagles are somehow still in the race to playoffs and they could sign Melvin Gordon for a deal for the second half of the NFL season.

Chargers will Fire Melvin Gordon

Chargers will Fire Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon was asking for more than $10 million when he was on a holdout and somehow the Chargers were not ready for that. However due to the deal time period getting close to termination, both the parties settled for a mutual deal. Gordon will play till his contract period and then the LA Chargers will be able to trade him out and get a good return in exchange.

It would also enable Gordon to get the $5 million of his base salary, otherwise, he would have lost all his money. Everything is going as per the plan and the Chargers would trade out Melvin Gordon, the only drawback is his bad performance which could make it difficult. But the NFL insiders know that it is deliberate on the end of the running back, as he wanted out of the Chargers from the beginning.

Gordon deal with Philadelphia Eagles

Gordon deal with Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles continue to have a mixed NFL season with winning the same number of games as they lost. While they were able to beat some tough teams like the Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills, easy opponents like Atlanta Falcons and Dallas Cowboys were able to defeat them.

Currently, at 4-4, the Eagles are still in the race for the playoffs and they would need someone like Melvin Gordon to make the run. The Chargers are looking to trade out Gordon and he has been always linked with the Eagles, a deal in the October 29 trade deadline could make the headlines very soon.

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