NFL Rumors: Stefon Diggs leaving Vikings for Patriots trade Deal?

NFL trade deal Stefon Diggs Vikings Patriots

Stefon Diggs didn’t play for the Vikings even in the Week 5 game against the New York Giants on Sunday. Everyone knows that things are not right between Diggs and the Vikings side and the wide receiver is looking for a new NFL team.

The wide receiver missed the team practice sessions for the whole week and didn’t even play in the Sunday game and he was even fined for that. Stefon Diggs has previously hinted that he wants to join the New England Patriots and from the looks of it, he will soon leave the team of Minnesota Vikings.

Stefon Diggs not Happy with Vikings

NFL trade deal Stefon Diggs not Happy with Vikings

Stefon Diggs has himself said that he is not happy with the Vikings team and how they are handling the team offense. The Vikings have changed playing from an offense relying heavily on the pass to a more of a run-heavy focus. It has left both Diggs and fellow star wide receiver Adam Thielen as only some sort of spectators.

Diggs said that he just can’t pretend to stand there and say everything is okay because they are not. The whole situation is complicated and the only solution is Diggs exiting from the Vikings team.

Stefon Diggs trade deal with Patriots

Stefon Diggs trade deal with Patriots

The New England Patriots are the first team that comes up in Stefon Diggs trade rumors as the wide receiver has started to follow the team and most of their players on Instagram. While it doesn’t guarantee that the Patriots are willing to offer him a contract, it only means Diggs is ready for that.

The Patriots do need a wide receiver after the exit of Antonio Brown but the only problem is it would cost them too much. The Vikings are saying that they won’t trade out Diggs but things could soon very change and he could be on his way to play with Tom Brady.

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