NFL Rumors: Usain Bolt to Play ‘Pro Football’ with Patriots or Packers Confirmed?

Usain Bolt NFL Rumors

Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive in the world who has crossed the 100 meters in just 9.58 seconds. The Jamaican athlete who is now 33 years old has won eight Olympic gold medals and has now taken retirement from track and field games in 2017. Bolt has then tried his hands and legs in professional soccer but it didn’t end very well with him.

Now the sprint runner is planning is to play pro football and become a part of the NFL world. Bolt has put forward several conditions and he will only play if the New England Patriots or Green Bay Packers sign him for a trade deal. Usain Bolt plans to play alongside his favorite quarterback’s Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, his deal in NFL 2019 season could very soon turn into a reality.

Usian Bolt deal with Patriots and Packers

Usian Bolt deal with Patriots and Packers

Usain Bolt has been a huge fan of the NFL and he always wanted to try his luck in playing fro football games. Now that the 2019 NFL season is going on and the Packers and Patriots are two of the best teams, it would certainly make sense for him to join them.

Bolt has specifically said that “If the Patriots or Aaron Rodgers call me. If they call me, I’m ready!” in a recent interview. The New England Patriots need a new wide receiver since the exit of Antonio Brown and Bolt is ready to play at the position. Even the Packers would like a better wide receiver and Usain Bolt is said to play similar to Brandon Marshall, which is a huge compliment.

Can Usain Bolt Play in NFL 2019 Season?

Can Usain Bolt Play in NFL 2019 Season

Usain Bolt is no doubt a great athlete and can run at superhuman speeds but playing in NFL is a bit difficult and requires a lot of other talents. The Jamaican runner has to practice his skills at catching the ball and maybe with his speed, he can easily run away from the opponent defense.

If Bolt is somehow able to adapt pro football quickly, he could be a wide receiver and a perfect weapon to Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. Although, it would be a big gamble as the Patriots and Packers won’t sign Usain Bolt just to play for a few days. The star has to commit for at least a full year and maybe we could see Usain Bolt playing in NFL very soon.

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