NFL Trade News: Tate Martell exit from Miami sparks possible move to these three teams

3 options for quaterback Tate Martell after Miami starting job snub

Miami Hurricanes quarterback Tate Martell who plays in American football in his sophomore year is looking for options now. Miami have snubbed him as their starting quaterback for this season in favour of Jarren Williams. Martell though still has a dream of playing NFL like former Miami teammate Kendrick Norton who lost his arm in a crash.

Tate Martell suffers unexpected snub

That’s a surprise move my Miami head coach because absolutely no one expected this. But indeed Williams’ credentials are better than Tate Martell at the moment. Perhaps it was because everyone thought he was contesting with Perry for the spot and so he would win for sure.

3 options for quaterback Tate Martell after Miami starting job snub

Martell lost to Williams for the starting spot at Miami. Image : Sun Sentinel

Tate Martell recently featured in Netflix docu-series QB1: Beyond the Lights, went to Ohio State and then came back to Miami. But with Tate Martell losing his job, the internet is flooding with memes featuring the quaterback.

But now since Martell will back in fray for a transfer, here are 3 viable options he could go to. It’s important to note he might not be eligible for the whole year if he does transfer. That’s because Tate Martell already transferred from Ohio State this season and got instant eligibility.

3 franchises Martell can consider his next move to


Tate Martell is a multi-talented quaterback. He can consistently throw and run and make plays. UCLA coach Chip Kelly is a fan of such multi dimensional guys. But Kelly hasn’t found such a player since coming in at UCLA. Tate Martell night provide him just what he’s looking for.


Kevin Sumlin is in a fix of finding a suitable backup to replace Khalil Tate once he graduates in 2020. The two also previously worked together at Texas A&M. Sumlin is also a fan of a quaterback with an aura and attitude around him. So this seems a good place to land for Martell.

West Virginia

West Virginia university is the perfect place of putting careers back on track. Will Grier previously turned around his fortunes after a dismayed start at Florida State. And with Neal Brown at helm, Martell can create a dynamic offense. It’s also notable that Martell was considering WVU before his move to Miami. So he might look back at the transfer heaven again.

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