NFL Trade Rumors: Where can Melvin Gordon go from LA Chargers

NFL Trade Rumors Melvin Gordon release from LA Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers looks all but confirmed to release Melvin Gordon soon. And there are two franchises on the NFL circuit that are looking to pay for services of Gordon. The transfer in NFL Trade though should be completed sooner as the NFL Pre-season has already started.

What Melvin Gordon has to offer ?

Melvin Gordon is seeking a $10m NFL Trade for a year right now. Although there is news that Chargers are offering him something around that, he wants more from them. But by the looks of it, he is no more worth it.

Melvin Gordon is no more as young and fit as he used to be. Gordon moreover is coming off a pre-season injury and that’s no good news for a short term trade. With Chargers holding their spot in AFL Rankings, lesser franchises are vying for Melvin Gordon.

That takes us back to who are the two that are interested in buying him. Houston Texans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have both showed interest in buying Melvin Gordon for a year. Here we discuss where Gordon might land then.

Where would Gordon land?

Melvin Gordon is a running back and Houston are struggling with a problem there. Lamar Miller is ageing while D’Onto Foreman has been suffering from injury since long. Moreover the Texans have one of the biggest cap space in NFL right now.

NFL Trade Rumors : Where can Melvin Gordon go ?

The Texans have all the resources to buy Gordon right now. Image : Clutch Points

So Gordon seems worthy for them. He can significantly boost up Texans’ chances of making it to the playoffs. So before the deal ends, they should make a move.

Talking about Buccaneers it’s no surprise need support at the back for power running. They also need a reliable hand with rookies Peyton Barber and Ronald Jones under-performing. But the deal-breaker here is that they have just the $3m in their purse right now.

With so little, Gordon is surely not going to be interested. So it’s probably the Texans where Gordon will play the next NFL season.

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