Nickelodeon to Turn Baby Sharks into an Animated Series

Nickelodeon Baby shark

The lines must have been quite familiar to you and your lil toddlers. The insanely catchy lyrics of Baby Shark song has been on our tongues for a while. And more than that, your mind must be full of singable glimpses from the viral video of Baby Shark.

Now get ready for the sharks to be at your service, because the musical earworm has inspired an upcoming animated show by Nickelodeon. Spongebob Squarepants will now be having a shear companion in form of Baby Sharks.

Time for more Doo-doo-dooo

It's Official: Nickelodean to Turn Baby Sharks into an Animated Series

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Our very favorite cartoon channel, Nickelodeon is teaming up with Baby Shark fame, Pinkfong to create an animated series on popular creatures.
The internet sensation was a product from South Korean educational brand Pinkfong.

The group posted the original videosong in 2016 on social media. And from then, there’s been no looking back for the song’s creators. The song also took to twitter and became a trending hashtag in past years. The parents posted aww-dorable pictures and videos of their kiddoes dancing on the song.

Moreover, Baby Shark memes became the most-liked and most-shared memes of all time.

The #BabySharkChallenge spawned a bewildering variety of videos. Almost 700,000 videos were created with the same hashtag around the world.
You may be an adamant adult, but try listening to the song once. I bet that’s gonna stuck in your mind for a whole eternity.

Baby Shark surpassed more than 2.9 billion views on YouTube, becoming the ninth most-viewed video ever on YouTube platform. To more of your surprise, the music video even went for a 20-week streak on the Billboard Hot 100.
You could really say, the cuter music video for children made an impactful way in world of meaner adults.

Baby Sharks are gonna assure high TRPs for Nickelodeon

It's Official: Nickelodean to Turn Baby Sharks into an Animated Series

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The Executive Vice President of Nickelodeon Animation has stated in a press release that the song has already captivated the imagination of billions of fans from around the world.

It’s no surprise that the video has grossed so many of views. Naito further told media that they would be delighted to explore the terrific characters of Shark song through animations on Nickelodeon.

Although, nothing much has been reported on the upcoming Nickelodeon project. The production house hasn’t revealed anything much about the release dates of animated series.

We hope the series goes as much successful as the song went.
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