Nicki Minaj and the mystery behind her getting married in next 80 days

Nicki Minaj and the mystery behind her getting married in next 80 days

Nicki Minaj is on cloud nine these days. After finding her old school love in her long term-best friend, notorious Kenneth Petty, the pop queen has finally decided to walk down the aisle with him in the next 80 days.

Nicki Minaj finally ties knot with beau

And, the countdown for showtime has just begun. Nicki herself announced the glad scoops on Monday at her `Queen Radio` show. Nicki has always been reluctant about marrying and seeing her ‘Mr.Perfect.’

And now, after decades of dumping and tossing out her relationship with numerous Hollywood and outer-Hollywood guys, Nicki Minaj has finally settled over to Petty.

Moreover, the twerk queen went on to clarify;

I and Kenneth have just filed for a marriage license and still picking it up. I was traveling for a bit and was on way to get the license renewed. In the meantime, I have 80 days to marry.

While flashing the marriage talk with media folks, Nicki Minaj shared her plans for a more intimate ceremony amidst her family and friends rather than officiating the big wedding on national television.

Moreover, she had hints of how her fans would be expecting a grand, splendid union as soon as she frees up with her tight schedules.

Kenneth Petty: How it would have been to date a ‘sexual offender’

Nicki Minaj and the mystery behind her getting married in next 80 days

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Dropping hints about her upcoming album, Nicki Minaj has firmly assured to turn Mrs.Petty before her album comes out, before the 90 days are over.Although we loathe Petty for his criminal offenses and past assaults, we have never seen her be as happier as she is with him.

For Nicki Minaj, ‘her baby’ is what she needs to be happy for a lifetime. The pop-rapper first revealed on securing the marriage license in June, this year. She has been seeing her ‘happy place’ since last December. So, it’s going to be a marriage in less than one year of a relationship.

Although, none of her doting fans would have ever approved of her relationship with Petty. She doesn’t really care. Nicki Minaj is headstrong enough to not compromise with her future and happiness out of criticisms and ranting, this time.

For those of them, ho have no clue about Petty’s past, Kenneth is a registered and evicted sex offender and has served prison for manslaughter and rape attempts.

While we wish Nicki Minaj to stay happy for an entire eternity, we do hope of her not to have heartbreak again!
Anyways, Good luck, Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty !

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