Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Trouble Rumours: Husband Stalling Actress’ Latest Project; Banned Certain Male Actors?

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce Rumors: Singer angry over Wife Flirting with Other Men
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Nicole Kidman has starred alongside a slew of good-looking men over the course of her career. Tom Cruise, Colin Firth, Jude Law, Alexander Skarsgård, and Sebastian Stan to name a few. Now, that seems to have come to a stop for the Oscar-winning actress.

nicole kidman and keith urban

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Some Actors Are Off Limits For Nicole Kidman?

Rumour has it that Kidman is unable to find a leading man for The Silent Wife. And husband Keith Urban is allegedly making things harder for her. Apparently, he has drawn up a list of actors she is not allowed to hire.

In April, news broke out that country singer has written a “Do Not Pick Him” list. This list was for when it came to his wife’s on-screen love interests. Many on this list are men who have already shared the screen with Kidman. Her co-stars from The Railway Man and Big Little Lies, Colin Firth and Alexander Skarsgård are on the list. And so is Lenny Kravitz, who Kidman was briefly engaged to in real life.

nicole kidman and keith urban

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Load Of Bogus

This story is completely false. The idea that her husband would have any say or control over who her co-stars are is outdated and sexist. As a matter of fact, Kidman often doesn’t have a say of who she is kissing on camera. It’s part of the job.

The Actual Truth

There have been no meaningful updates on this film since 2013. That was when Kidman first announced she was producing and starring in it. No distributor is attached yet. Also, screenwriter Billy Ray hasn’t updated the public on the status of the script. And Kidman herself has remained mum on the subject. It’s still too early to say this film is dead in the water.

The rumour about the list, on the other hand, is most likely made up. Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time tabloids have claimed Kidman and Urban were jealous of the other’s coworkers. Truth is, the couple is doing just fine. And gossip columns better leave them alone.

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