Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce Rumors: Singer not Happy with wife meeting Alexander Skarsgard


Recently, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had a fiery row regarding the actress’ reunion with Alexander Skarsgard. The feud is allegedly drifting the two apart.

According to New Idea, the couple’s anniversary is round the corner but looks like they won’t be celebrating with a date because things aren’t well between the two. Jealousy is taking a toll on their relationship as the husband made a big deal about Nicole meeting up with her “Little Big Lies” co-star again.


What upsets Keith?

The reason what is making Keith so upset about his wife meeting Alexander is that the two had “steamy” scenes and the husband didn’t like it. Even with the upcoming movie the “Viking”, Keith is not supportive of the intimate scenes she might do with the Swedish actor.

Furthermore, it is impossible for the actress to turn it down as she is firm on staring in the movie and cannot change the original plans of meeting with Skarsgard. She will be flying to Northern Ireland to start shooting with the star as soon as the lockdown is over.

In 2017, Nicole also kissed Alexander at the Emmys. The act wasn’t acceptable by the husband then too said the channel.

What is more, even after Nicole’s explanation that the kiss meant nothing, Keith was still fuming as he didn’t believe her. A source said, “Nicole assured him there was nothing to it, aside from a deep emotional bond that came with sharing such intense chemistry on-screen,” “She made all the right noises about understanding where Keith was coming from and promised never to behave like that again.”

The Truth Unveils

Not only the rumor of the couple’s “fighting”, but also numerous such theories have been talked about. With such an assertion, Gossip Cop reached out to the actress to get some light on this matter. Kidman’s rep responded to the publisher “there is no truth in this”.

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