Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce Rumours: Other Men In Actress’ Life Posing Problems

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman is supposedly having a troubled marriage. Country singer husband Keith Urban is allegedly upset over her connection with the men she works with. Being married to an actor is tough. You have to see your spouse getting intimate with others. And Urban isn’t thrilled about certain actors getting cosy with his wife.

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Daughters

Nicole Kidman And Three Men

Urban is having a hard time dealing with the three “handsome and worrisome” actors being around his wife. The first one to worry the country star was her latest on-screen husband, Hugh Grant. Apparently, some of Kidman’s remarks about how good her chemistry was with Grant and how she had to admonish him from going too far on set, wasn’t music to her husband’s ears.

Next in line would be the Swedish Hottie Alexander Skarsgard. Urban has to deal with the fact that his wife will soon be jetting to a remote filming location in Ireland to work with Skarsgard. After working together on the thriller drama series Big Little Lies, the duo is again together for an upcoming historical revenge film, The Northman.

When Skarsgard won an Emmy in 2017 for his role in Big Little Lies, Kidman congratulated her co-star with a peck on his lips as her husband watched. This confused a lot of people. How would it not affect her husband of 14 years?

Nicole Kidman Alexander Skarsgard Emmy's kiss

Last but not least, Lenny Kravitz. Kidman was briefly engaged to Kravitz before her marriage to Urban. Reportedly, Keith feels a bit insecure. Especially since Nicole and Lenny are still close. She is even friends with his daughter, Zoe, who also worked with her on Big Little Lies.

Lenny Kravitz Nicole Kidman Keith Urban

The Truth About Kidman’s Marriage

At the moment, Keith is mostly away from his wife because of his music career, as he is touring. Both the husband and wife are busy with their respective careers. However, it is no secret that Kidman has shared the screen with several leading actors. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that The Fighter hitmaker is scorching with jealously.

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban

The reason why Kidman has good chemistry with Grant is that they’ve known each other since they were in their early 20s. As for Emmy’s kiss, the actress explained on The Graham Norton Show that she also kissed Urban shortly after. And the married couple looked very much in love during the show.

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