Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon Fight Rumors: Big Little Lies Stars to End their Friendship Soon


After working together in “Big Little Lies”, Actress Nicole Kidman and Co-star Reese Witherspoon have become great friends. Their vacation homes also sit right next to each other. But are the two on verge of ending their friendship?

Reason behind ending their friendship

Recently, a source claimed that their friendship has come to an end. The source also wrote that their friendship has ended due to their upcoming project.

According to a report, a dispute arose when Witherspoon became sad on hearing that his co-star want to do the project alone, moving its production to Australia. A source reported,

Nicole must have known there was no way Reese would be able to join her since she has three kids.

Reese is also struggling in her relationship and it’s another reason why it seems impossible for her to take part in this project.

The source also claimed that it is not enough to kick Reese out of the project. It also added that there is something major going on between them.

It was also reported that it was Reese who cultivated good relations with Liane Moriarty and Nicole is the one getting all the advantages.

Reese is upset with Nicole as she will not be able to take part in the upcoming project as production has moved to Australia.

Busting the Friendship Rumors

A reputed source claimed that there’s nothing true about their friendship rumors. These rumors are absolutely fake. The source also claimed that in past years, many such false accusations were put on their friendship.

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